The Dixiana Story

There is something special about ” down home Southern charm “.

There always has been.

It’s where people still say ” sir ” and ” yes mamm “.   It’s a world where gentleman still exist, and women are ladies.

When I created Dixiana, the idea was to create not just another online store – but a buying experience that brought some of the most beautiful southern belle clothing lines all under one roof.   You won’t find crazy styles or flash in the pan trends here.  Instead, you’ll find classic styles like denim cut offs and sexy lace blouses that accent a woman’s beauty – not steal attention from it.

Southern Country Clothing is about being casual while still accenting one’s own beauty and charm.  It offers a glimpse of just the right amount of leg or your chest while still remaining classy.   But make no doubt about it, a Southern Girl knows instinctively how to be sexy as hell without trying.


Southern Girl fashion

Some of our customers are just discovering their look – while other’s have been Southern Belle’s for their entire lives.   But regardless of where you come from and who you are – or where you live – Dixiana is a one stop shopping experience.   Each product we carry is  carefully choosen  to be a perfect fit with our entire line.

And look – summer is just around the corner thank goodness.  Our buyers and designers have spent all winter working with our suppliers to create some of the most beautiful fashion statements that all stay true to our philosophy that Southern Style is always in style.


We design clothing lines that are focused on being layered beautiful.  This means that we take into account each layer of your look – from your panties and bra on out.   Each co-ordinated element is about accenting your natural beauty and making you feel beautiful.

Whether is be having coffee uptown or a day at the beach, Dixiana is about bringing you the fashion options to find the perfect look to bring your own Southern Belle identity to the surface.